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The fastest and easiest way to gain actionionable insight from your customers every single day

AskNicely helps you listen to your customers on a daily basis to improve retention, engagement and satisfaction.

The easiest way to gain actionable insight from your customers every day

Join thousands of others who are already engaging their customers more and more each day

Align your whole business with the voice of the customer. AskNicely presents customer feedback in real time dashboards, weekly emails and live comment feeds. Now you know what your customers are really thinking.

With AskNicely you can leave your customers excited. With happier customers you'll start receiving more referrals, more reviews and ultimately more sales.

Get results instantly
AskNicely allows you to sign up within 60 seconds and start getting results immediately. Aren't you curious about what your customers are thinking?
Beautiful customer insights
Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers daily.  With beautiful insights, directly from your customers mouth you can instantly find out how to improve your brand, reduce churn and improve retention.
Engagement tools
AskNicely allows you to enage with your customers, promote the positive and instantly take care of customers who are facing problems.
High response rates
NPS has a 4-6 times higher response rate than traditional surveys. It's the best way to get an accurate snapshot of your customers everyday.
It's automatic!
This point deserves an exclamation mark. AskNicely helps you set up automatic campaigns so you can spend more time doing the things you love and get the NPS score delivered to your inbox whenever you want.
It's all real time
Never get left in the dark again. Everything about AskNicely is in real time so you can see and instantly respond to your customers.


Have your finger on the pulse
It's time you leave your customers excited

It starts with one beautiful email

Feedback arrives in realtime so you can take action instantly

As soon as a customer shares feedback, it is instantly available to you and your team in your dashboard so you can connect, engage and improve your relationship.

Now you have a dashboard full of beautiful and actionable data

Customer satisfaction has never been easier to achieve. Go on, your customers deserve it.

And in just 10 minutes you're fully set up for the whole year

You're now receiving daily, actionable data directly from your customers. You can share the amazing comments as testimonials and reviews or instantly call and fix those customers who are facing problems.

With AskNicely you can finally get inside the head of your customers and succeed more today.

Imagine waking up to this...

An inbox full of feedback directly from your customers where you can instantly connect, promote the wins and fix any problems.

Go on, your customers deserve it

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