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1,000,000+ NPS surveys a week for the world’s biggest brands (and some of the newest).

Auror Offers Real-Time Crime Intelligence

Auror provides retailers and law enforcement agencies with the information they need to prevent and solve crimes quicker.  This is all powered by robust, real-time data that helps law enforcement professionals solve crimes all over the world. 

In other words, Auror is launching a crime-fighting revolution across the globe. 

We wanted to have a continuous, real-time pulse on user satisfaction. AskNicely is a perfect tool for that.

Tom Batterbury
Co-founder of Auror

Learn How Plansource Uses 
 NPS with Salesforce to Transform Customer Relationships

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From product development to customer success to internal communications strategy, AskNicely, when used with Salesforce, creates a nexus of feedback that allows Plansource to retain customers, reduce churn and increase revenue.  
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By partnering with AskNicely, Auror zeroed in on three big areas of business impact:

  • User Happiness - Clearer view of customer satisfaction. 
  • Improved Customer Relationships and Communication - Easier collaboration with customers to solve their problems.
  • Measurable Impact - Data-fueled view of business impact on specific segments. 

How Auror Uses Customer Feedback  for Maximum Impact

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